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President Obama

Today, we have seen history made in our country.  This is the first time that ANYONE of black descent has ever made it to the presidency in America!  This is both exciting and disturbing.  It is exciting to see that even a person who is black (albeit only half-way there) can become a president and serve in the highest office in our country.  It is disturbing because the present president is very liberal in his beliefs.  We could very well see persecution coming our way because Christians do not believe (or should not believe) in the pro-choice, pro-homosexual, pro-sex, pro-do anything you want except take a stand for what is right.


On the other hand, we have been commanded to pray for our leaders so that we may live a quiet and peaceable life (1 Tim.2:2).  We are to remember that God is the one that sets up kings and puts them down.  The powers that are ordained within each government is placed there for the honour and glory of God (Rom. 13:1-2).  Whether they are a vessel of honour or dishonour is in God’s choosing but our responsibility is still to keep our leaders in prayer.  What will the next 4 years bring forth?  We don’t know…BUT God does!  He is in control in every situation and we can trust Him to do what is right, true, holy and just regardless of the situation.  May we be willing to continue taking a stand for truth no matter what the future brings…even if it brings persecution!