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Pro-Choice…The Choice That Kills!

I’ve been noticing quite a bit on abortion recently and it’s sad that people are so concerned about their comfort zone and their ability to choose that they will take the life of a baby (albeit, still in the womb), or encourage someone else to do so and say that they should be able to choose because it’s their body.  They forget that there is another little body in their womb, as well.  What about that little one with a body?  That is a real person just like you and I!

There are also many women that have had abortions and it has caused so much heartache in their lives.  Let’s remember those women in prayer who have had abortions because they have been given the wrong info and have regretted it all their lives!  These are the women who struggle through the days knowing they have done wrong but not sure which direction to go.  Pray the Lord will bring someone into their lives that will be able to help them either come to know the Lord as their Saviour or bring healing through a restored relationship with the Lord!