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Colour My Life Beautiful Award


On November 21st Berean Wife gave me this award.  The award was given to her as a way to say thank you as one who has encouraged, inspired, and uplifted another through her blog.  She has passed it on to me and for this I am truly thankful!  I in turn will give this to five (or six) other bloggers that have encouraged, inspired and uplifted me!

  • Adoption 3:16 is the first blog I would like to award.  There are 3 people that moderate this blog and they deal with adoption, which has a special place in my heart.  They deal with older adoptions and how it affects both the child/ren and the family.  They are quick to recommend godly books that are very helpful in dealing with the attitude not only in the adopted child/ren but also within the parent’s heart and life.  I have found everything they say to be very helpful in dealing with both younger child/ren as well as with the birth child/ren.  I would highly recommend checking this blog out regularly if you have any children at home.
  • georgene is a very good blog.  She likes to do ‘Frugal Fridays’ and has very much been an inspiration to me along the way.  She is always looking for ways to save and when she has found one that works for her, she will share it with everyone else.  She has been going through a very difficult time recently but she does have much to say even in her older posts.  She also looks at healthy ways to deal with womanly issues.  I have learned much from her.
  • Julie Pizzino is also another very good blog.  She has just begun her blog recently and already she has a lot to say that would be so very helpful within the life of a Christian lady.  There is so much to learn still and we will never know it all but this blog has already been so very helpful within my life that I must share it with others.
  • Absolute Dominion has also been another blog that has encouraged me.  Although Coram Deo is NOT a woman, his blog is still very much an inspiration in so many ways!  Doctrine from the Word of God is very much needed as most are not willing to address these important issues.   The Lord has really worked in his life in many areas and we have seen changes and feel the Lord continues to guide and direct his efforts.
  • Defending Contending is a blog that deals directly with false doctrine.  Whether the false doctrine comes from those people that are well known or hardly known, the false doctrine is brought to light and exposed by the Word of God.  This blog belongs to Pilgrim (also NOT a woman) but is moderated by several men who have their own blogs.  This has been an encouragement in many ways and not the least the reminder of turning back to see what the Bible says.
  • The Desert Pastor is the last one that I will list (also NOT a woman).  Although, he is last his blog is very much an inspiration and reminder of my daily Christian life.  There are many that disagree with what he says but he does put into practice in his own life what he has put down on the blog.  I am so thankful for this aspect in his everyday life so whether a person agrees or not with what he says, at least he strives to be consistent within his walk with the Lord!

This has been a good reminder and a help to get me back on track.  I want to say thank you to each one of the blogs that were listed on here as an encouragement, uplifting, and inspiring to me.  There are also many other blogs that I have found to be so very helpful.  May each of you keep to the Word of God so that you will be able to stand approved before God as a workman that doesn’t need to be ashamed.  May your studies continue to be helpful both to the readers as well as to yourselves!