Missions Statement

The page of “Missionaries” is solely dedicated to missions abroad.  Unfortunately, most people want to stay at home instead of going abroad so most of what I post will be dedicated to missions throughout the world!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and we pray it speaks to your heart!

He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!” — Jim Elliot

“All my forefathers have passed away into darkness without knowing anything of what was to befall them; how is it that your forefathers knowing all these things, did not send word to my forefathers sooner?” — African Chief

Service To Servants


2 responses to “Missions Statement

  1. Quite often the most needed mission field is at home.

  2. In response to the fear and anger many express at the number of Muslims coming to North America, one missionary, who spent his 35 year career in Afghanistan, said “North Americans spend 95% of their giving in North America. They won’t go to the mission field, so God is bringing the mission field to them.”
    There are statistics quoted in a website “About Missions.org/statistics” which are eye-opening and if even a little bit true, appalling. To me, the saddest is that only 1% of all Christians’ incomes goes to reach the unevangelized.
    Thank you for your work for the Lord.

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