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Special Bulletin Gaza Report #5

Normally, I would not post the news that is going on as this is for women and about women learning to become more like the Lord Jesus Christ and take a stand for the truth.  On the other hand, taking a stand for the truth does include taking a stand against the lies of this world and our media is doing a grave injustice to the Jewish people.  We are called upon by the Word of God to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because when the peace reigns throughout Jerusalem then that means the Prince of Peace will have arrived!  As you read this article, remember to keep the Jews in prayer as well as the the Christian Palestinians and even the Hamas!  Pray for salvation and peace for the Jews, the Lord’s protecting hand to surround the Christian Palestinian and that they would take a stand for truth, and also that the Hamas would come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour!  No one is so far in the depths of sin that God cannot save!

Special Bulletin Gaza Report #5
© January 8 2009 — To be published until present crises ends
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School in Gaza – An Update

Based on various articles from the Israeli Press, written and spoken

As reported in our previous bulletin, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit was attacked on Tuesday, Jan. 6th by mortar fire from or near the perimeter wall of the Fakhura Elementary School run by UNWRA near the Jabalya refugee camp. Photographic evidence of the attack is available. The armed bodies of two well known Hamas operatives were later found in the school. Hamas knew that civilians, including children, were sheltering there. This did not dissuade them from making use of the UN facility, or of the shelter of its perimeter wall. Significant stocks of mortar shells and other explosive devices were stored on site.

Contrary to the information on hand yesterday, only two afore-mentioned attackers were killed when Israeli soldiers responded. Most of the civilian casualties were incurred by secondary explosions of the military stocks held in the school, which led to the collapse of a portion of the building where the civilians were sheltered. Israel expressed regret over the civilian casualties. Israel had warned residents to leave the area because it was a battle zone. Some chose to remain, assuming the UNWRA facility would provide sufficient shelter, which it would have done had not Hamas abused UNWRA’s privileged status. Others remained due to Hamas insistence.

The UNWRA representative, Chris Gunness denied Hamas’ presence on the school grounds but did not deny Hamas had shot at Israeli troops from the perimeter wall, nor that most of the casualties were the result of the secondary explosion or military material’. Israel has no reason to attack civilians. Reporters covering the present conflict testify to the extensive lengths the IDF forces go to spare civilians. No Israeli attacks on civilians are premeditated.

Prior Warning Given

Yesterday, Israel distributed leaflets throughout the area, calling again upon the civilian populating to leave. Some have declined, but others, attempting to leave, have been stopped by Hamas operatives. They are used to shield Hamas and allow further favorable media coverage.

Warning of an eminent attack in the South of Gaza, the Israeli air force dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets, calling upon residents to evacuate. “Because Hamas uses your houses to hide and smuggle military weapons, the IDF will attack the area, between the Egyptian border to the beach road,” the leaflet said, according a local UN official.

Humanitarian Cease Fire

Against its military interest but in accordance with its moral concern, Israel has declared that, until further notice, IDF forces will maintain a strict daily cease-fire for 3 hours between 1 and 4 pm. There is no shortage of humanitarian aid in Gaza, but the fighting is rendering the distribution of food, water and other necessities difficult. During the lull, Israel allowed in 80 trucks of supplies as well as industrial fuel for Gaza’s power plant.

Medics retrieved bodies in areas that had previously been too dangerous to approach. The wail of ambulance sirens could be heard as drivers rushed to the border crossing with Egypt to evacuate the wounded during relative drop in violence.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office stated that the cease-fire was proposed, of all sources, by Israel Defense Forces leaders. It would entail granting periodic access to various areas of the strips to allow Palestinians to stock up on vital goods, and that Israel will undertake the risk involved in creating and policing a corridor through which provisions could pass but armed men and military equipment could not.

It remains to be seen how Hamas will behave in the course of these daily cease-fires. Yesterday, the cease fire was observed by both sides, with Hamas testing Israel’s patience by shooting a single rocket. Israel did not respond.

The Lebanon- Syria- Iran-Egypt-Gaza Axis

Hassan Nassrallah, leader of the Hezbollah in Lebanon, still hiding in Lebanon, encouraged Hamas “not to yield to Israeli aggression” and assured Hamas of his organization’s support. Syria, where Hamas’ political offices are hosted, has sought to strengthen the hands of Hamas in the present round of violence. Syria’s attempt to promote a declaration of support by the Arab League failed because too many of the Arab State members consider themselves threatened by the same wave of radicalism that is represented in Gaza today.

Iran armed, trained and prompted Hamas toward the present conflict and recently requested Egypt’s permission to set up a field hospital in Sinai, near the Gaza Strip. In response, Egypt called upon Iran to “desist from interfering in Arab affairs” in its support, arming and training of Hamas. Iran has encouraged Hamas to fight on.

Hamas has given no overt intimation that it seeks a cease fire, and has insisted that no such would be accepted unless it led to the unrestricted opening of border passes between Egypt and Gaza. Egypt would thereby become a channel for rearming Hamas and, at the same time, exposed all the more to Hamas’ radical influence. Egyptian President Husni Mubarak has stated that he will agree to opening the border pass between his country and Gaza only if the Palestinian Authority (not Hamas) assumed responsibility for the crossing.

Hamas operatives have been going from door to door in Gaza, killing known Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) sympathizers. Hamas suspects that information of there whereabouts and their activities are being reported by PLO sympathizers to the Israeli authorities.

European Jews Targeted

Based on information provided by Haaretz Service 07/01/2009

An Islamic extremist Web site has begun drawing up a list of prominent British Jews to target over Israel’s offensive against Hamas in Gaza, The Sun reported on Wednesday January 7th.

According to the British newspaper, Amy Winehouse, record producer Mark Ronson and Foreign Secretary David Miliband were among names discussed on the online forum, Ummah. The British daily quoted the Ummah site as saying, “Saladin1970″ asks for help compiling “a list of those who support Israel.” “Abuislam” asks: “Have we got a list of top Jews we can target? Can someone post names and addresses?”

Jewish-French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy was listed by a Belgium-based Islamist group as a target for assassination alongside other leading Jewish personalities in Europe, the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure reported earlier this week. The planned assassination was apparently thwarted after group leader Abdelkader Belliraj, a Belgian of Moroccan ascent, was arrested last February in Morocco. Belgian authorities found the list during a raid on homes of local Muslim community members last November.

Israel’s Former Minister of Defense Speaks Up

An Article by Moshe Arens, Ha’Aretz, Wednesday, January 7th 2009, Abbreviated.

We have reached a crucial stage in the IDF’s operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Insistent calls are being heard for a cease-fire. Some of these calls come from outside Israel and others come from within our midst. If the IDF does not complete the mission it has been assigned, of suppressing the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip against the cities, towns and villages of southern Israel, and if the final act before a cease-fire goes into effect ends up being an avalanche of rockets fired by Hamas against Israel, not only Hamas and the Arab states, but most of the world, will consider Hamas as having succeeded in defeating Israel.

Aside from the danger that Hamas, during a cease-fire, would equip itself with a new supply of rockets, some of greater range than the ones currently in its arsenal, and that the civilian population in the south will continue to live under the threat of renewed rocket fire by Hamas, such a defeat would do irreparable damage to the general security of Israel, serving as an invitation to further provocations and aggression by Israel’s enemies in the years to come. All of Israel’s citizens, not only those living in the south, would bear the burden of such a development.

It was Henry Kissinger who said that “the conventional army loses if it does not win – the guerilla wins if he does not lose.” Any terrorist group that manages to face up to the might of the IDF and survive while continuing its attacks against Israel will invariably be seen as the victor. In the present fighting in the Gaza Strip, the IDF will lose if it does not win, and Hamas will emerge as the victor. No amount of wordage in a UN Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire, or promises offered Israel by the international community, are going to change the face of the end result.

You only need to take a look at what has happened to Hezbollah, its stockpile of rockets and its position in Lebanon since the cease-fire to see what is likely to occur in the Gaza Strip in the wake of a similar cease-fire there. For some reason, it is Israel that has difficulty learning that a cease-fire with terrorists is only to the advantage of the terrorists. Terrorism has to be destroyed.

Understanding in much of the world, and especially in the United States, for Israel’s security, and especially for its battle against terrorism, has grown considerably in recent years. The idea that Israel may face unbearable international pressure that would limit its response against terrorist forces has little basis in fact.

In the present battle against Hamas, if we are seen as being successful, we will have nothing to fear from any quarter.

Our job now is to keep our eye on the ball, and not be diverted from the task at hand. The IDF must continue to pursue the mission it has been assigned and put an end to the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip. We have the ability to do so and it must be done. The consequences of failure, regardless of the explanations offered by the wording of the relevant UN Security Council Resolution, would bode very ill for Israel.

The Battle Rages

Hamas fighters have been avoiding face-to-face confrontation with Israeli ground troops. They have been preparing for conflict for the last two years and, in the process, dug a warren of tunnels under Gaza city, leading in a maze from one house to another, booby trapping houses, and establishing camouflaged firing and command posts on high-rise residences and in other strategic locations, including schools, hospitals and food distribution centers.

Israel has taken some 100 Hamas prisoners and is now looking into the legalities of their captives’ privileges: are they prisoners or war or illegal combatants?

Impact of the Conflict on the Christian Community

There are Christian communities in Beer Sheba, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Kiryat Gat and Christians living in most of the towns and cities presently under fire. Israeli authorities have forbidden or greatly restricted public gatherings in most of these areas. In consequence, most of the congregations are unable to meet for worship. Each such congregation is monitored and cared for by its leadership, while congregations outside the battle zone have offered hospitality, material assistance and much prayer. No casualties or damage to property have so far been reported among local Christians, who have enlisted to the support of the populace in their respective areas of residence.

Special Notice to Bulletin’s Readers

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