To Teach A Liberian…Part 6

Mark and I were able to rest some but Jerry seemed to have been in a spot where he was scrunched and did not really rest. Mark, who was by the window, traded seats with him around early morning time. I think he was able to get a bit of rest but not much. I’m sure he said that he didn’t sleep more than an hour or two. Our breakfast consisted of a sandwich and I ate it but didn’t much care for it. I think I only ate a part of it then set it to the side. There was also some fruit and other things with it that I did finish off.

Finally, we saw land and we were sooooo excited. Between Jerry, Mark and I, we wondered how come we had to go to Accra, Ghana before going into Liberia. We went over several African countries to include, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, then Ghana. We went past Liberia to get to Ghana. Afterwards, we would go back to Liberia…pretty confusing but that’s the way the airlines did it! It would be better to go to Liberia then Ghana as it was further than Liberia! Oh well, that’s how it worked.

We touched down in Accra (to which everyone clapped due to landing…the flight had been over ten hours long) and had a very interesting time of it. The pilot told everyone left on the plane to be very helpful to the people as they had to clean up and do a security inspection while we were on board. The airplane was teaming with people headed to Liberia. There were several Liberians on board seeking to return to their home, as well as many other people from other places visiting Liberia. A team of Americans (a total of 28 of them) were on board to go to Liberia for a week and help out in a humanitarian way. People began milling around in the airplane as it grew hotter and hotter. Mark and I watched outside to see what would happen. Mark also took many photos at this point as we saw several signs that said UN on them!

As I watched outside to see what would happen, I noticed there was one guy standing right next to the plane with a long stick in his hand. He was the guard for the plane, I figured, to make sure no one came to blow it up. Every time someone came up (these were all the people that had to clean the airplane, do a security check on the airplane, bring food on the airplane, etc.), that person would raise their arms and the guard would pat them down then motion for them to board the plane. Mark and I stayed seated for the most part because there really was nowhere to go. Eventually, we watched the suitcases come out. Mark pointed out that one of ours was on the trolley. At that point, I really became concerned. It was quite warm in the airplane but it was roasting on the outside! In the suitcase they pulled out were a couple of bags of M&M’s for Steve Trexler! I was afraid they were going to take off with our suitcase and we wouldn’t be able to give the things to each person we had specifically bought it for. Even more so, I wondered if the M&M’s would melt and get all over my clothes! Then I wondered if there were more things in that suitcase that was supposed to have been given to others, as I couldn’t remember where everything was packed. I know we brought about 4-5 Bibles to give out. Granted, if someone else got hold of one of them and ended up getting saved or was able to use it, I’m sure we wouldn’t be too upset but we did want the Bibles to go to certain people in Liberia. I once again began to pray. “Lord, please keep our suitcases safe as we have many things to give out to people. We would like for them to make it safely into the hands of the people they are intended for!” There were several security guards out by the trolley with a dog. They seemed to have gotten into a heated argument over what to do with the suitcases but eventually the suitcases went back into the plane, for which I was very grateful!

People were still milling about and the guys who boarded the airplane to do the security check were getting a bit frustrated due to people getting in the way. Several people, who had left the airplane, left their carry-on suitcases in the overhead. When the security people checked the overhead storage spaces they would ask who the luggage belonged to and if no one claimed it then they would take off with it. I was pretty amazed to see how much luggage had not been claimed. How in the world can people walk off an airplane and just leave their luggage?! There must not have been much of importance in their luggage!

The new flight attendants that came on board gave us each a bottle of water and then began calling to everyone to please stay out of the way of the security people. At last! It was time to get going again and I really wanted to get some rest so that I would feel better when we arrived in Liberia. Ok, I wanted to feel fresh and ready to go as I was afraid that I would be too exhausted to take much notice of anything when we touched down in Liberia. The flight was about an hour and 40 minutes and I kept looking outside to see what was happening. I did give up on trying to get the rest since I was too excited to sleep. We were given another water and a sandwich. I packed up both as the sandwich didn’t look appetizing in the least. I figured we could use the water at some point so I put it in the backpack I was using at the time.


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