To Teach A Liberian…Part 5

Mark called Pastor Philemon after awhile and told him to have the church pray. “We are still in the airplane and we don’t know if the plane will even work!” he was telling Pastor Philemon. As he was talking, the pilot came back on to let us know that the maintenance guy had him turn the computer off and restart the whole thing. It worked this time! I tried to let Mark know what had been said so he could tell Pastor Philemon but he had already hung up and everyone on the plane was told to turn off the phones as we were about to take off! What an answer to prayer! Even while we were in the middle of asking, the Lord answered the prayers. The people of Highland Hills Baptist Church stepped up to the plate and began earnestly praying for safety as well as that we would catch all of our flights and make it in on Sunday as was planned. I, on the other hand, was praying the same prayer because I did NOT want to go home until our trip had been completed! I know there were others praying for us but the call to Pastor Philemon is what sticks most in my mind.

During this whole time it had been snowing outside and I wondered if the snow was going to keep us on the ground but it was quite evident, in the end, that everything was in good working condition and we would be leaving. The pilot told everyone on the intercom that he was satisfied that everything was in good condition and the plane was air-worthy. Finally!!!! We were about to take off!

The flight was uneventful and we arrived in enough time to catch our next flight heading to Atlanta, GA. In fact, we had about an hour to spare! We were pretty excited over that and so Mark called Pastor Philemon to let him know we had arrived at the next airport. Pastor Philemon was so excited and kept saying, “Praise God! I will tell the people at Highland Hills! Tank God!” I was also saying it once again because I was so happy about us arriving!

Mark thought we would get some food on the flight from Utah to Atlanta. We did get some snacks but, by the time we arrived in Atlanta, we were pretty hungry. We did buy a bit of food and we had loads of time waiting around but we knew we would have a couple of meals on the main flight from Atlanta to Accra, Ghana. We took a tube from one section of the airport to the other. Jerry got a kick out of it and we had to take pictures of him in front of the tube just to prove he was there! Ha! All of us thought it was great! Next, we looked for a place to charge up the computers but none of the connections really seemed to work.

We sat in one place and watched the news about what was happening in Libya. One of the workers at the airport came and chatted with us about the news. She asked about it because she thought it was still Egypt they were talking about. We let her know about the news and then we talked for awhile longer. She had to go so she could finish up her work and it was almost time for us to board so our preparation for the long flight began.

The flight took off with no problems and now the long night before arrival in Liberia began! Shortly after we were in the air, they brought a dinner out to everyone. Mark and I got the beef because it sounded similar to the Liberian food. There was rice as well as a kind of sauce with the beef so I wanted to have something as close to Liberian food as possible. The Pilgrim asked for the chicken. All of us enjoyed the meal we chose and were very thankful for God’s provisions. During the time on the flight I was able to make notes in my book about our trip. I wanted so much to remember what I could because I knew there were several people interested in hearing about it. More importantly, I was sure it was the start of something more than just a trip to Liberia every now and then. Ok, I was sure in my own mind to a certain extent. We can never be completely positive because the Lord is the only One who is sure of every situation we are in the midst of!

As most people know, Mark’s job was becoming very difficult. his boss continued to change his promises nearly every day. We talked about leaving but we had already bought the ticket so that was out. I mentioned to my parents several times that something would change once we returned from our trip to Liberia. I wasn’t sure what would happen but our time here was only because of the trip previously made. Mark was told by his boss that he was only going to have until the end of March to be full-time, then after that it would become part time. We left the states on the 26th of February and wouldn’t return until the 14th of March so we knew it wouldn’t be long after our return that Mark would no longer have employment. With this promise of things to come, we decided to leave it in the Lord’s hands and enjoy our trip regardless!


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