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Mission’s Trip to Liberia (Part 3)

I know it’s been awhile since I posted but so much has happened and the Lord has really been working on my heart in many different ways.  As we strive to see the Lord for Who He is and ourselves for who we are, it becomes very important for us to see the world the way the Lord sees the world.  I am posting the song below as I’m sure many people know this song from long ago called “Let Me See This World”.  I have re-worded it because there is more to serving the Lord faithfully then just seeing the world as the Lord sees the world.  Let us remember that we cannot see the world or anything else until we see Him first.  He must break our hearts to see ourselves for what we really are and then break our hearts to love those around us as He loves them.  In fact, it is only the Lord that can love the world through us as we don’t have the capability to do it on our own. This is never going to be easy because the flesh loves to take over and satisfy self.  May God break our hearts to be obedient to His will as His slaves ALWAYS, not just once!

“Let me see Your face, dear Lord,
As though I were looking through Your eyes,
The mercy and grace that made me Your slave
Make my heart obedient in every way.
Let me die to self for Your glory
Break my heart to seek Your will not mine
For if always I saw my self the way You see
I’d be more obedient to serving Thee.”

“Let me see my sin, dear Lord,
As though I were looking through Your eyes.
My wretchedness that I love, dear Lord.
Let me hate it as You hate it just the same.
Let me turn from my abominations
Blur mine eyes with tears of agony
For if always I saw my sin the way You see
I just know You’d break my heart to serve Thee.”

“Let me love this world, dear Lord,
Through Your eyes as men mocked Your holy name.
As they beat You and spat upon You, Lord,
Let me love them as You loved them just the same.
And grieve for men, hell bound and lost eternally
Give my heart a love to tell of Thee
For if always I loved this world the way You do
My heart would seek to love them to You, too.”


Live For Eternity — Paul Washer

Lord, break my will, my heart, my very life to be Your slave!  Make me desire to do YOUR will in everything!

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