Persecution and Suffering…For What?!? (Part 4)

2 Tim. 3:4-5 continues on with, “traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”

In our culture, we see so many people that are traitors both to our country as well as to friends.  It’s so easy to turn on someone who seeks to be a true friend by giving godly counsel.  Headstrong is the next word which gives the idea of rash.  How many people rashly do something and end up in serious trouble?  We see in the news how people, who have never been in trouble with the law, suddenly end up in jail because they have done something without thinking it through.  Impulsive seems to be the in thing now because impulse gives way to thinking things through or seeking godly counsel.  We have a nation of impulsive people that get themselves in trouble due to this.

Haughty is the next word and the meaning is the same thing as proud!  Pride is what caused Satan to fall and what causes us the most problems.  Most sins committed stem from pride.  The Bible is clear that pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall!  Beware pride!

The next on the list is “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”  This is definitely true of our nation.  How many people would rather go running, watch football, watch tv, do whatever on Sunday instead of go to church to worship Christ with other believers?  Church is not just there for our benefit!  Church is there for us to serve other believers, to encourage other believers and for all within the church to enjoy the fellowship of other believers based on the TRUTH of God’s Word!  We not only have a nation full of people that love pleasure on Sundays but even a lot of so-called Christians please themselves throughout the week  then put on a face when they go to church on Sundays as if they were the best Christians ever lived.  How hypocritical and yet that is being a lover of pleasure rather than a lover of God!

This progression is going downhill and now we have someone who has a form of godliness but denies it’s power.  How is this possible? you might wonder.   Let’s look at the average church and see what the Lord is doing within the hearts and lives of believers.  Is anyone changing and becoming more like the Lord Jesus Christ?  Unfortunately, we have a nation of so-called Christians who are not changing because they’d rather please themselves.  Let’s look at a couple of  the big name pastors.

What about Rick Warren’s church?  This is the man that prayed at the inauguration of our new president and prayed for God’s blessing on a man who is not saved.  This is also the same man that met up with a homosexual not too long before the inauguration.  He refused to give out the gospel to an unsaved homosexual man!  He used to take a stand against homosexuality and now he condones it because he was given the opportunity to pray at the inauguration!  This is contrary to the Word of God but most churches model their church after Rick Warren.  This is also the same man that is now saying that unbelievers should give Jesus a try for 40 days and if they don’t like it  they will receive a money back guarantee!  This is blasphemous!   Jesus doesn’t have a money-back guarantee!

How about Mark Driscoll at Mars Church?  This is the man that uses sexual inuendoes and swearing in the middle of his preaching!   This has become the norm rather than exception to the rule!  Pastors are stealing from the churches or have become men-pleasers because they are afraid of losing their paycheck!  If the sheep don’t see the pastor living a godly life, then why should they do it?  Not only that, but if people are getting a diet of only a little bit of truth mixed with error then they will begin to believe a lie instead of the truth.  These are the ones that we should be turning away from.

When we were in England, there were many times we had to take a stand for truth and we lost many friends through this.  When a pastor has to take a stand for truth and eventually has to use church discipline because someone within the flock has done something wrong and refuses to make it right, it is our responsibility as the flock to back the pastor!  If church discipline has been enacted then whenever we meet up with that person, we should be willing to share with them that they are in sin and need to repent.  It doesn’t matter whether we want to or not, or hope they will come back to the church.  We are commanded by Scripture to do this, whether we like it or not!!!  A church that is not willing to enact church discipline whether by the pastor or the members will DIE or will become one that has a form of godliness and denies it’s power!  These are the churches, the pastors, the people that we should turn away from just as the Word of God commands.

Let us make sure we continue seeking and striving to serve the Lord in every area of life!  Let us make sure we are becoming more like the Lord Jesus Christ today then we were yesterday!

To be continued….


One response to “Persecution and Suffering…For What?!? (Part 4)

  1. Just found the website, and agree with part #4. You seem to be in good company with Washer, Piper, Baucham, and the others. Will pray for your ministry. We are menbers of a small reforming church in south Fort Worth, Texas.

    Romans 11:33-36

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