Persecution and Suffering…For What?!? (Part 3)

2 Timothy 3:3 goes on to say, “unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good.” How many times in our culture and all other cultures have we seen or heard about this. Women kill their own babies, a dad kills the children then kills himself, children kill their parents or their siblings, etc. Their is no natural affection and most families don’t care about each other, they only care about what they can get from the family! There is lack of forgiveness within the cultures of this world. Go to the news and find out how many families seem to hold grudges against each other and how the family closeness is lacking even in Christian families.

People LOVE to slander other people especially if other people are taking a stand for the truth all in the name of love. Doctrine divides and will do so as long as there is sin on this earth.  The unity thing is not based on whether or not we all just ignore sin.  Unity is based on the TRUTH of God’s Word and if someone is not willing to follow the truth of God’s Word then it is important that there is someone in place who will take a stand.  God always brings men to the forefront who will be willing to stand regardless of the cost!   There is so much slandering going on in our country!  Our news media started off as a way to bring the truth to light but our news media has turned it into a biased liberal opinion!  If a person doesn’t agree with them then they accuse that person of being biased.  The reality is that they are so biased for sin that the truth doesn’t matter to them.  They even go so far as to say there is nothing set in stone as far as what is right and wrong so they slander the person who takes a stand for truth.

Not many people in this day and age have or use much self-control.  In fact, if a person has self-discipline or self-control they are normally laughed at, considered the odd one out, or even considered a legalist (if they are in church).

Brutality seems to be encouraged within most cultures.  Look at what is put on television and the regular diet of brutality that most children watch!  There is very little gentleness encouraged within our culture or even the cultures of other countries.

We also see a LOT of people who despise what is good.  This could include and does include even churches within our society.  If you do what is right then you are despised because you don’t have some kind of bad habit.  A few years ago, I watched a movie about a boy that was a robot.  I don’t remember the whole gist of the movie but I do remember how this boy robot was being very good and helping out others and basically being very kind and loving towards others.  Someone took him to the side and told him that he needed to be bad at some point because parents “need their children to be bad!”  What kind of nonsense is this?  We don’t need our children to be bad.  Our children are already bad because they are depraved sinners.  You don’t have to teach your child how to lie or steal as this comes automatically due to their depraved nature!  They need to be taught how to be good and how to love the Lord!

Go talk to someone who is an evolution  fanatic (just about anyone who is not a creationist fanatic) and she will make it very plain where she stands and how creationists are freaks and crazy to boot.  People don’t care about what kind of problem you have but if you start serving the Lord with all your heart, then suddenly they have problems with you because you are “no longer kind and loving.”  Funny, isn’t it?

As we continue on, we will see just how far we have come in our societies but we will also see what the Bible says about persecution and suffering!


4 responses to “Persecution and Suffering…For What?!? (Part 3)

  1. So true! It is so wonderful to have mission work, internet style as well as being an ambassador for Christ. I grow weary, and yet know I am not to grow weary in well doing. The same words of truth bring hope to some and bring rebukes of of legalism to others and bring rebukes of sloppy grace from others! So good to be encouraged in God’s word…thanks!

  2. Life can be hard, but God is always good and worthy to be praised and served! No matter the “feelings” we must continue the race and finish well! 🙂

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