Persecution and Suffering…For What?!? (Part 2)

The next things are, “…lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers…”  These things are prevalent in our society, and not just ours but also other societies.   Even in churches it seems money rules the day.  The health, wealth, prosperity gospel has set the church up to be greedy.  Pastors hate the truth and would rather be wealthy than to preach the Word of God.  This is a blight on the church as well as those in leadership positions.  It isn’t just the church that has this problem but if you look at our society, people elect those to leadership in hopes of monetery gain.  Look at how Clinton was able to become president.  He addressed the economic situation and there were loads of people that thought Clinton would be the one to set our economic situation right!

Please notice that boasters, proud and blasphemers all go together.  The person that boasts has pride in her heart and also the person that blasphemes the Lord also has pride in her heart.  The boaster thinks she has gotten to where she is on her own merits so therefore she can boast about what she has done, never realizing (or purposefully seeking to forget) that God is the one Who gave her the very life she has.  Since all things come from God, the very breath we take does not belong to us, it belongs to God.  Any ability we have comes from God as does the money, the material possessions, positions of authority, etc.  So where are we allowed any pride?  We’re not!

Disobedient to parents, unthankful and wicked are part and parcel because if we allow our children to be disobedient to us then the lack of thankfulness becomes evident as does the wicked behaviour.  This wicked behaviour grows worse as the child gets older.  Things we laugh about when the child is a toddler such as talking back, being very independent, speaking with the wrong tone of voice, ordering the adults around, as well as many other things show forth their depraved nature.  Our children start off as little heathen that have to be taught about the things of the Lord.  We have to share the gospel with them and disciple them in every area of life.  Our little girls need to be taught how to be godly young ladies while our little boys need to be taught how to be godly young men.  This means consistency in discipline, godly examples on the parents’ part, continued daily discipleship, training in the things of the Lord, overall showing our children love the way the Lord shows us love.   We see from Dr. Spocks teaching of how to raise children has brought forth adults that know nothing of discipline!  This is part of the reason why our society has such wicked people.  They were allowed to grow up being disobedient to their parents.  They lack the thankfulness that should be an integral part of our lives as adults.

Which of these things are in our hearts?  What needs to be changed in our lives?  May we all be willing to seek forgiveness for every area of sin within our hearts and lives.

To be continued…


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