Service to Liberia

I have asked my husband to post this important blog on getting much needed supplies to Liberia for national pastors and their families.  Please read with a prayerful heart.  Thank you.


liberian-girlI believe that it is important to support the work of missions. Over the next few months, we will be sharing the need of various missionaries. These are true heroes who are willing to leave it all behind in order to seek the advancement of the kingdom of God. They are doing this by sharing the precious truths of God’s Word to those who have never heard.

Our first recommendation is an organization located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. Service to Servants is a tax-exempt charitable group that has risen to the great need of providing supplies to evangelical servants of the Lord Jesus Christ in the country of Liberia, West Africa.

Grace Baptist Church of Dayton, Nevada, USA is getting clothes together to send to Liberia with this group. In fact, several have donated clothes, including a local community thrift shop which is providing a number of childrens’ articles.

These clothes, shoes, and books will be sent at no charge to the Liberian pastors and their families. To get involved, you can find shipping instructions for the container at this link, or any financial help you wish to send to them to help in getting the material to Service to Servants will be greatly appreciated.

The cost to ship each cubic foot is $6.00 plus 6% of the value. As an example, 1 moving box full of clothes would be about 4 cubic feet. The cost to get this to Liberia would be $24 for the shipping and then a value of 6% upon the used goods. The only other costs involved will be the cost of sending the box to Murfreesboro, TN to load into the container. We estimate that 40 cubic feet of space in the container would cost about $300 plus shipping to TN.

children-of-liberiaSeveral of the pastors we know of in Liberia who serve with AFBM and Village Church Planters provide housing, food, and clothing not just for their families, but also for children who were abandoned or orphaned during the 15 year civil war which only recently ended in 2006. For more info, please visit Village Church Planters website.

Prayerfully consider what you might be able to do to expedite getting these boxes of supplies to needy Liberian pastors and their families.

Thanks for caring and sharing,
The Desert Pastor


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