Ten Reasons!

I haven’t completely finished the series from Titus 2 but I wanted to share something else from the perspective of an 18 year old.  So many times, we are more concerned about what we can get out of life instead of submitting to the Lord’s will and following the path He has set before us.  The Bible is our blueprint for life and Titus 2 shares what is necessary for us as Christian women to be successful in God’s eyes.  I would ask that as you read the post that you would be open to the Lord’s leading in your own heart and understanding!  The daughter of Pastor Voddie Baucham has her own blog (her name is Jasmine) and has shared from her heart “Ten Reasons Why I don’t Want to be VP when I ‘Grow Up.'” I was reading Berean Wife’s Blog on “Palin and Feminism” and happened to see the link for Jasmine’s blog. The post by Jasmine was thorough and well thought out! This gives a clear understanding as to why it’s so important for us as Christian women to put our husband’s and family first!


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