Put the Baby in the Beemer

How very sad but this is how our culture is going!  Let’s take our children back and teach them that we love them by being there for them and not putting them in the beemer!  May God forgive us for our selfishness towards the children HE has entrusted us with!

HT: Family Driven Faith by Pastor Voddie Baucham!


3 responses to “Put the Baby in the Beemer

  1. I have enjoyed hearing Voddie Baucham over the past year. I had these video clips in my files and I just really agree with his thoughts about women, homes and children. I wish more pastors would teach about these issues because so many adults today were raised by the daycares and public schools. They have no basis for even understanding what they missed and what their children are missing out on.

    Berean Wife

  2. Where have I been? I’ve only just heard about him from In Christ Alone and feel he is right on target in what he has to say! This is what we have felt and tried to teach for years. Voddie Baucham is very well spoken and knowledgeable! Come to think of it, I thought he looked familiar because I happened to see him on your blog once.

  3. I first heard Voddie Baucham in the homeschooling circles. Mostly just quotes about homeschooling. Then when I heard the first sermon it was Wow, he can preach the truth in a very clear manner. His testimony is very interesting because he didn’t grow up Christian. His mother was a Buddhist!

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