Digging Roots Deep!

I came across this article and really felt the Lord speak to my heart through it.  It talks about digging roots and how we do it.  We can simply have no roots which is not biblical and not helpful to us at all.  We can put our roots in things that are worthless to us and cause us to stumble and fall.  We can put our roots in good things that will cause us to stumble because we haven’t placed our roots in the best of things!  Last but definitely not least, we can put our roots in the Lord Jesus Christ, Who alone is worthy of us placing our roots within Himself!  I do feel this is another way of saying what I said in my post “Meditating On Scripture” and I would highly recommend reading it!  It is in the ABWE “Message” and they have a lot of good things to read in their book.  The actual article was written by Kimberly Rae!  Thank you so much for what you have written, Kimberly, and may the Lord help you as you serve Him in another country!


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