The Desert Pastor’s Brief Apology

Not too long ago the Desert Pastor posted a music video by Phillips, Craig and Dean.  One of his fellow contributors from Defending Contending shared with him that they were Oneness Pentecostalism which is teaching of heresy.  After finding beliefs from them that went contrary to the Word of God, he felt it necessary to apologize for posting the video.

He posted this both on Defending Contending as well as his own blog. There was much discussion that came from this with some people agreeing and others disagreeing. The Desert Pastor was faithful to back up his decision with Scripture in the comments section as there was some disagreement about his apology. His desire was to show forth true worship of God. Feel free to visit both his site as well as Defending Contending site.

The Desert Pastor’s A Brief Apology
Defending Contending A Brief Apology


3 responses to “The Desert Pastor’s Brief Apology

  1. I love the music of Phillips, Craig and Dean and didn’t realize the link to Oneness Pentecostalism – which I agree is unbiblical. Their song lyrics seem to be right on to me. Randy Phillips is the pastor for Promiseland West in Austin. I have never attended the church but their belief statement on their website indicates they believe in a triune God. What specifically is the link between these worship songs and Oneness Pentecostalism? Thank you in advance for the clarification.

    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always,

  2. I have found my answer to the above question by reading through the comments on the Defending Contending site. The link to the James White article provided clarification for me. I am still not convinced that I should stop listening to the music of Phillips, Craig and Dean as I do believe their song lyrics are biblical and lead me to worship The Father, Son and Holy Spirit in grace, spirit and truth. However, this post has sparked an interest for me to further study the topic.


  3. Actually, I don’t feel (and I know neither does The Desert Pastor) that anyone should make a decision based on what is said but based on study of the Word of God and conviction that it is wrong by the Holy Spirit. If you simply do it because that is what you were told then more than likely you will end up going back to your previous beliefs anyway. All we ask is that you study it out and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and spiritual understanding in this area. Beyond that it’s up to the Lord to guide you. Blessings on your worship and music study. Thanks for stopping by!

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