Conclusion of Series on Worship

The following is an excerpt from The Desert Pastor’s conclusion to his series entitled, “Which God Do You Worship??” This was a 10 part series and you can find it by going to his site at The Desert Pastor.


“Let us conclude this short series by considering a few answers to these three questions. Our churches today are full of lost, unregenerate people who are headed for a Christ-less eternity. Yet, it is not difficult to read past history to find that when the Word of God was preached in its entirety that lives were changed. Ministers stood to give forth the Word and would address the minds of those who were sitting in the pews. They would encourage the listener that if they had ears to hear, that they (the listener) should be attentive to the Word and show forth fruits of obedience. The preacher could stand and preach for 2-3 hours and the people returned week after week to be convicted of their sin once again.”


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