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Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord!

A couple of months back I posted “The Agony of Heartbreak and the Goodness of God”  Part 1 and Part 2.  Although, I am still sad about how things worked out then, I can look back and see how the goodness of God spared us through a possibly harder time than we actually had.  The situation hasn’t changed much in that the young lady still refuses to make things right but the Lord is still good!  He was preparing us for an even greater ministry and we needed the time away to think, pray, and begin changing attitudes as well as our worship of God.

Shortly after the situation occurred, the Lord began working in our hearts about some areas that we knew were not submitted totally to Him.  If you are interested in seeing how these things affected us then go to The Desert Pastor’s post called “Which God Do You Worship?” (There are about 10 parts to this one and it is an excellent post.)  This will give you an idea as to what we were dealing with in our lives.  I had previously  wondered why things seem to stay the same in our hearts but we realized that it was because we were not worshiping God according to HIS way of worship.  We were still trying to stay close to the world and yet keep close to God at the same time.

During that time we were seeking the Lord in another area of ministry yet it kept closing to us.  We finally gave it over to the Lord and said, “Not our will but Yours be done!”  At that point, the Lord opened the door for us to go forward in the ministry.

Having said all that, I believe there is a need to share with others the learning process we went through.  I am sure that many of you have seen the Lord work in your lives in this manner but maybe this will help remind you of what you have already learned.  If you haven’t been through this before, then I hope this helps you as you read the post.

  1. As the Lord began to convict our heart, we tried to justify our sin.  We continued following our path instead of seeking to get things taken care of when we were first convicted of the sin.
  2. We still tried to serve the Lord even in the midst of our known sin.  The Lord was still gracious even in the midst of our sin.  He continually worked in our hearts in a gentle and consistent manner.
  3. We were trying to change things not by getting rid of the things in our lives that were having an effect on us spiritually but by just stopping our television watching of movies that were ‘really, really bad.’
  4. The Lord began using the situation of the young lady in our lives to begin changing us.  I was the one doing the discipling of this young lady and I thought I was seeing change in her life, but then one day she decided she’d had enough.  It did break my heart and even now I’m sad that she is gone but the Lord gave us grace.
  5. The Lord began speaking to our hearts through this heartbreak as well as through preaching that we heard.
  6. Even as we sought to put into practice what the Lord was teaching us, we also desired a ministry that had been on our hearts for many years.  This would be a life ministry but the Lord said no to us several times and I became disheartened over it.
  7. I knew the Lord wanted me to be willing to do what He wanted even if it meant saying no to that ministry.  I came to the point where I said, “If that’s not what You want then I am willing to be content to keep things how they are.  Not my will but Yours be done!”
  8. One week later, that ministry opened up.  That is part of the reason there have been very little posts lately.   I am now getting to the point where the adjustments are just about made and I will definitely be posting more as the Lord speaks to my heart.
  9. Even now the Lord continues to work in our hearts showing us areas that need changing.  Lord willing, we will seek to be obedient to the Lord and follow the path He sets before us!

We Will Glorify

Holy, Holy, Holy!

Praise His holy name!

I Sing The Mighty Power of God

The Desert Pastor’s Brief Apology

Not too long ago the Desert Pastor posted a music video by Phillips, Craig and Dean.  One of his fellow contributors from Defending Contending shared with him that they were Oneness Pentecostalism which is teaching of heresy.  After finding beliefs from them that went contrary to the Word of God, he felt it necessary to apologize for posting the video.

He posted this both on Defending Contending as well as his own blog. There was much discussion that came from this with some people agreeing and others disagreeing. The Desert Pastor was faithful to back up his decision with Scripture in the comments section as there was some disagreement about his apology. His desire was to show forth true worship of God. Feel free to visit both his site as well as Defending Contending site.

The Desert Pastor’s A Brief Apology
Defending Contending A Brief Apology

Conclusion of Series on Worship

The following is an excerpt from The Desert Pastor’s conclusion to his series entitled, “Which God Do You Worship??” This was a 10 part series and you can find it by going to his site at The Desert Pastor.


“Let us conclude this short series by considering a few answers to these three questions. Our churches today are full of lost, unregenerate people who are headed for a Christ-less eternity. Yet, it is not difficult to read past history to find that when the Word of God was preached in its entirety that lives were changed. Ministers stood to give forth the Word and would address the minds of those who were sitting in the pews. They would encourage the listener that if they had ears to hear, that they (the listener) should be attentive to the Word and show forth fruits of obedience. The preacher could stand and preach for 2-3 hours and the people returned week after week to be convicted of their sin once again.”