Signs and Wonders

The Desert Pastor has written a very encouraging blog about signs and wonders. There are several parts to it and I would encourage you to go there and read what he has to say. There is also more to come besides what he has already written.

Part 1With all of the so-called signs and wonders being found within modern Christianity, I have pondered some time on the question of whether we should even be concerned about signs and wonders.

Part 2 (first part to this one)–So many pastors and members were duped into believing that feelings were a good substitute for living a life which was becoming more like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Part 2 (second part to this one) — History reveals that true revival comes from God and it changes believers more into the image of Christ. It changes churches from looking like the world into looking more like a Bride who is making herself ready for the coming Bridegroom!

Part 3 (first part to this one) — So, let’s see what the Scriptures truly teach – 1) Does the Bible speak of signs and wonders?

Keep tuned because there is more to come!


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